Pinnacle Server Pricing

Platform-Independent: Pinnacle Server pricing is based upon the number of users. All platforms are priced the same for the same number of users.

Flexible: Pinnacle Servers may be licensed for any number of users. Each licensed server comes with a server key that specifies the number of users. A new key with more users may easily be obtained from Vermont Database Corporation.

Reasonably-Priced: The server licensing fees are as follows:

Maximum Users (Processes)

Incremental Price/User

Server Base Price

5 or more



10 or more



20 or more



40 or more







Client Licenses: Each server comes with a number of client licenses equal to the number of users for the server. Additional client licenses are available at 20% of the server抯 incremental price/user. Each client communicates with the server via WinSock 2.0 tcp/ip sockets.

ODBC: Win32 client licenses come with an ODBC interface allowing the client to use readily-available front-end tools like Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports.

Quantity Discounts:

Server Quantity Discount**













** Server Quantity in most recent twelve month period

Server Maintenance: We provide one year of maintenance for the Pinnacle Server and Client Access as part of the initial license fee. Maintenance includes all enhancements and upgrades, which may be downloaded from our website. Maintenance for additional two-year periods is priced at 35% of the retail price of the server (not including discounts).

Developer Support: Developer support is provided by email for customers with Server Maintenance.

Special Support: 1-800 support is available on a fee basis. Please contact us for details.

Custom Enhancements: Custom enhancements to the client or server are available on a fee basis. Please contact us for details.